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Internationally acclaimed worshipper Jonathan Settel produced this highly anointed CD with 67 of God’s healing Scriptures. It runs for just over 50 minutes and is ideal to go to sleep to, play in your car, or wherever and whenever you want to wield the Sword of the Spirit against your pain or sickness.

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This DVD series takes the 5-part healing teaching into much more depth and is highly recommended after watching the original healing teachings DVD

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A Lawyers Case For The Resurrection  

Is belief in the resurrection of Yeshua (the Hebrew name of Jesus) a matter of faith, or is there historical evidence to support its occurrence? Even if there is compelling evidence, one question remains—how did this seemingly impossible event take place? We struggle to wrap our minds around this, and justifiably so. We are faced with a daunting paradox: can a historic event be validated despite its miraculous nature?

Attorney and former atheist Jim Jacob sought well-grounded answers to these questions and many others. He has researched and compiled evidence to answer such important questions as:

·Are the gospels in the New Covenant historically accurate?

·Did Yeshua actually live?

·Was He crucified by the Romans?

·Did Yeshua truly rise from the dead?

As he has done throughout his nearly 40-year legal career, Jacob presents clear evidence that answers these questions and confronts head-on the rebuttal arguments as well.

When an individual is requested to serve on a jury, he or she is asked to set aside any biases and serve impartially as a juror, giving both sides a fair trial. If you desire to objectively assess the evidence and determine whether there is any validity to the claims of the followers of Yeshua, then this booklet is for you.

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This powerful book reveals the latest scientific, mathematical, historical, and prophetic proofs, about what is HAPPENING TODAY in America and Israel and making today’s headlines! Yet the prophecies were written over 2,000 years ago!

Don Goldstein, has compiled the newest findings from the world’s top scholars and presents them in this easy to read book. It is stunning and to the point!

Don, a Messianic Jew who believes in “Yeshua”, combines the world’s latest discoveries with ancient Hebrew texts to prove that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, are real and the Bible is God’s written Word to mankind.

Questions you will discover the answers to include:

Find out how during the presidencies of President Bush (Sr.), President Clinton, and President George W. Bush have been an EXACT part of Biblical prophecy!

Did you know the ancient Hebrew Bible tells us that Israel would become an independent country again in exactly 1948? And that Jerusalem would come back into Jewish hands in exactly 1967? Find out what else these Scriptures say about America’s coming fate and our role regarding Israel.

What was found in the “secret” Dead Sea Scrolls?

Evolution, is it fact or fantasy?

What about Nostradamus – Are his prophecies real?

How can the earth only be 6000 years old when the scientists say it is billions? See what quantum physics has recently discovered.

Delight in the true meanings of your Scriptures as they are translated directly from the Hebrew!

Life is a whirlwind. How do I slow down and enjoy life?

Why am I here? What is my purpose and destiny?

How can I really KNOW that God is real, He is alive, and He is involved in my life?

Since Yeshua (Jesus) was Jewish, why don’t more of today’s rabbis believe He is the Messiah? Especially when there are hidden Hebrew texts that prove the rabbis of old knew who He was.

Can I obtain real wealth, yet achieve inner peace?

What REALLY happens when we die?

What about all the other religions, do they all lead to God and heaven?

If God is “one”, what’s this business about the Son and Holy Spirit?

Why does a “good” God allow so much suffering?

How about the 6 million Jews and 6 million gentiles that died in the holocaust?

And much, much more…

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Jesus was a Jew. The writers of Scripture were Jews. The early church emerged in a Jewish environment. So why the tension between Jews and Christians, and why have so few Jews come to believe in the Messiah?

In The Fig Tree Blossoms, Paul Liberman uncovers the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and helps Gentile believers come to a deeper understanding of the historic issues that have fed Jewish suspicion of Christians and Christian prejudice toward Jews.

But in these last days, Liberman writes, God is using the emerging Messianic movement to bring many Jews into His kingdom and to awaken Gentile Christians to their Jewish faith heritage.

Instead of casting blame or assigning guilt, Liberman calls Gentile Christians to embrace their Messianic brothers’ and sisters’ Jewish expressions of faith in much the same way Paul encouraged his fellow Jews to embrace Gentile believers who were entering the first century church.

Discover how the “fig tree”—the biblical symbol for the Jewish people—is blossoming, and how many will come to enjoy its fruit.

Paul Liberman became a believer in the Messiah in 1971. He was instrumental in founding Messianic congregations in Washington, D.C., and San Diego and co-led a congregation in Israel. For five years, he served as the Executive Director of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance and is currently Publisher of The Messianic Times newspaper, a board member of MAOZ, Inc. (Israel), and President of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.

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