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The Bible prophecy portion of our website is all about predictions. Some of these predictions are about things that the Bible says will come true in what are commonly called the end times, last days, or end of days. In addition, this portion of the website also contains predictions made by the Bible about who the messiah would be, when he would come, and a myriad of additional details of His life that allow the honest reader to determine his undeniable true identity. Since we are Jewish, we lean heavily on the Hebrew Scriptures or as some would call them, the “Old Testament” to verify that what is put forth as fact, has these Hebrew Scriptures as their foundation.

The predictions made regarding the signs of the times, end of days or end times are not doomsday predictions, they are facts that we all need to be aware of. How can we be sure they are facts? Well when thousands of predictions have all come true 100% accurately, down to the last and most minute detail, the odds of these still to be fulfilled predictions or prophecies is beyond a reasonable doubt.

We are constantly updating this site and ask all of our readers to submit relevant articles and videos for us to evaluate. If we feel they are valid and will improve the quality and content of this website, we will add them to the site and give the person who submitted the information credit for their submission if they so desire. You may make your submissions here.

For additional information you may want to read (for free) my book entitled I have a Friend Who’s Jewish, Do You? It can be read in English, Spanish or Hebrew. To access it just click on the picture of my book or any of the others that are offered for free here on this website.

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