The Jewish Messiah Can’t be Jesus!

Rabbi Don Goldstein God and Bible

The Jewish Messiah Can’t be Jesus!

If I, Rabbi Don Goldstein the author of this website say that he is, then you will say I am an idiot.

I mean come on, every “good” Jew knows you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus. Especially to say that He is the Messiah! So my opinion is just that… my opinion.

If I say there are five historians who say Jesus is the Messiah, and five archaeologists say he is, you can easily find your own five of each to argue that he is not.

Again opinions. If I say the Bible, our Holy Scriptures says he is the Messiah, then you will say, I must be talking about the New Testament, which is the Christian Bible. Then if I follow up with, our Torah and our Jewish Bible as proof that he is the Messiah, then you will say that this is my incorrect interpretation, which again comes down to my opinion. You may be thinking that the Bible is not the infallible word of God but is a bunch of stories.

But what if I can prove to YOUR own satisfaction that: Science positively proves that God, the Bible and Jesus being the Messiah are real.

There are historical documents and archaeological finds that have been made that no Jews argue about. (Imagine that!) Documents that were written during the lifetime and soon after the death of Jesus that if they were false would have been jumped all over by the “good” Jews of the day but weren’t. Are you willing to see if you and most other Jews are “right” or “wrong” or just misinformed? Most of us have never actually taken the few minutes to investigate for ourselves. The fact is that many many rabbis (including Orthodox rabbis) have come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Here are just 12 rabbis who tell how they made that decision. Click here.

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