Increase Your Income – Part 7

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In Part 7, I want to end this series with another of life’s crucial principles, synergy. Let me explain…

Remember that the Bible says that God’s way are not our ways? Well years ago when I was in my early twenties, we went to move from Philadelphia to New Jersey which was right across the Delaware river because you got a bigger house and land for less money. So we went looking in NJ, but we knew nothing about the neighborhoods or the schools where our kids would be going. It was hard to get information without making lots of long distance calls, which weren’t cheap back then. It took a long time and lots of effort… and then it hit me. I was a Realtor and I was having all these troubles. What must regular folks be facing?

So with this newly realized knowledge I developed a wise strategy. I knew the Realtors in New Jersey weren’t allowed to come into PA and list homes for sale. And I also knew that lots of people were moving to NJ for the same reasons I was. So over a 3 month period I went to about 50 NJ real estate companies and gathered maps and other information about their areas, including cards of current houses they had for sale. Then I placed an ad in the local Philadelphia paper that said this:

STOP wasting your time and money calling and driving all over New Jersey to find your dream home. Call us LOCALLY to get your FREE maps, listings of homes for sale, and an information package about the area of your choice.

Well my phones went crazy. So what had I done? I solved a problem for the folks in Philly and helped the Realtors in NJ find buyers. And what did I get out of it? Well when someone I sent info. to bought a home in NJ, the NJ Realtors sent them back to me to list their home for sale in PA. In return I gave them a 1% referral fee, which gave them extra motivation to send their buyers back to me.

Within two months I was listing 20-25 homes monthly. To put that in perspective, all the other agents in our office combined, only listed about 10 homes a month total. And because my sellers already bought a home in NJ they were very motivated to sell. I cleaned up like this for years until I left the business and sold the rights to this for thousands of dollars to a fellow agent. This is a real life example of solving a problem and using wisdom to earn more money.

By working synergistically (together) with the agents in NJ we all accomplished much more together than any of us could have alone. Now let’s go back and remember that God says if you seek Him first (to be your partner and make Him your first priority) that He will give you everything you need. Working with Him is the ultimate example of synergy… having the strongest force in the universe working with you so you can have a successful life. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Let me give you another example of the importance of synergy:

Before Jackie and I moved to Florida, we owned a crime prevention business in Philly. I developed a seminar on how to avoid being a victim of crime that was so good that Mayor Rendell made it mandatory for every employee of the city to attend it. Well that is the glory story, but we struggled to become known in the beginning. We needed to get into the major companies in center city Philadelphia but we didn’t have any credibility yet. I knew that the HR manager had to approve us coming into these companies but getting to them was very difficult to say the least. So here’s where we used synergy to gain access to them. I went to one of the high-end restaurants in center city and made them this deal.

I would get 20 HR managers to come to their restaurant at 2pm so they came after their lunch rush. I knew that the restaurant also wanted to meet these HR managers because they were the ones who ordered catering for events at their companies. So here’s what I did… I hand delivered an invitation to the companies for a free lunch at the restaurant in an envelope with the HR manager’s name on it. It told them that while they were eating I was going to show them 15 minutes of a crime prevention seminar for their evaluation.

My goal was to get to meet them, let them see what I was teaching, and to get them to book me with their company. The restaurant gave them 5 choices of their best lunches and I paid the restaurant their cost which was just $5.00/meal for a meal that would normally cost about $12-$15. So the restaurant got to wow them with their great food and connect with them like I was, and for $100 I got to meet 20 HR directors. What was the bottom line? I only did this 5 times because almost 100% of them booked with me and then it was tons of referrals from then on.

But let me warn you that when you begin to succeed, God’s enemy (satan) will try every trick in the book to hinder or stop you. But if you are a true believer, God’s Holy Spirit lives in you and God is far stronger than satan and God will protect you. So why depend on yourself and your comparatively tiny amount of experience and inner strength, when you can have God’s eternal wisdom and power to fight satan. Without God, you are not in a fair fight. God is 100% reliable, never lies, and is so smart that if you respect Him, listen to Him, and do what He says, He will show you the successful plans you will need to succeed.

Most people don’t realize that His gift to us is to help us to succeed now. They think that accepting God is just for getting into heaven instead of hell. Well although that is true, why go through hell here on earth now, when He is willing to help you today, right now, in a BIG way? So again I ask, why would you fight against a far superior enemy, when you can have a partner who is so much stronger than him?

So before I go on, I think it is only fair to show you how to get the same power, wisdom, strength, peace and advantage that I have, all for free. Just say this out loud and mean it from your heart.

Yeshua (Jesus), I confess that You are the Lord, the Messiah, and Savior of all those who accept You. I believe in my heart that God raised You from the dead. By faith in what the Scriptures say, I know that you will forgive me of my sins as I sincerely ask you to forgive and pardon me. I also recognize my need for Your power to live this new life. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit power now. By faith, I receive You right now. Thank you for empowering me. You are welcome into my life.

Now how easy was that! But did you mean it? That is all He asks you to do to receive Him and His awesome power and wisdom. By the way the book I wrote addresses some of my doubts and the dubious claims religious people make. You can read it for free on this site. And a lawyer friend wrote a book proving what was the hardest part for me to accept, which was that He was raised from the dead. You can read his book for free here too.

Ok, back to synergy. Too many of us only ask for help when we are about to crash and burn. My advice is to seek the council of wise Godly men and women to help you succeed. If you don’t know the Bible and its’ great wisdom, then let them help you, so it is not over-whelming. Reading the Bible alone when you first start out is like going fishing without knowing where the fish usually are. But then once you know where they are, instead of fishing with a pole, go with a few others and use a net to catch a ton of fish. In other words, learn with someone who knows God’s Word and you’ll learn more, (catch more fish) and with less effort (by using a net.) Get it?

Ok now let’s discuss diversification, meaning when you invest, you divide your money across various categories which minimizes risk. Let’s discuss two types of income.

  1. Earned income: which is simply the money you make by working.
  2. Passive income: Examples are interest income, rental income, income from the sales made by someone else of a product that you invented, etc.

Most people focus all their time and efforts on earned income. But you will never build real wealth with just earned income, unless you take some of your earned income and invest it in things that will earn you passive income.

As an example, Jackie and I invested in a well and solar power for our home. Our electric bill used to be about $300 a month and water and sewer used to be close to $100 a month. Now our electric bill in “0” and we only pay about $50 a month for sewer because our development won’t let us put in a septic system. So we save or make, about $4,000 a year. Yes, we invested about $30,000, so it will take about 7 ½ years to recoup that, but after that we just keep saving/making money. And how did we pay for all of this? With our credit card which gave us money back, so we flew to our grandson’s bar mitzvah for free… using points.

Let me close this series with this jewel of great price… If you are going to sell or make something, make sure it is a consumable item that people need to keep buying, so you keep making money over and over again.

This also applies if you offer a service. Offer a service that people will keep using so they’ll keep paying you. How many of you like to weed your flower or vegetable beds? What if someone came to your door and offered to pull all your weeds for $25.00. Some folks will do this. Well they probably could do the job in about an hour, which means they make $25 and hour with no investment. So while the kids are in school, you can work 4 hours a day and make $500 a week or $2,000 a month. Another example could be picking up poop once a week in people’s yards for $10 a week. That would take about 10-15 minutes. So by caring for just 3 customers an hour that’s $30 an hour, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week earns you $600 a week or $2400 a month. Now obviously you will want to keep your route close together so driving time is held to a bare minimum.

Now that you have finished watching this basic teaching, why not take the time to watch various experts in their field, as they teach you step by step how to build a business from scratch…

You can watch it all for FREE here.

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