Rabbi Don and Jackie have built multiple million dollar businesses starting with virtually no money. He is passionate about helping others to become financially independent.

By doing what the videos below will teach you, you can expect to see positive changes in your finances.

Rabbi Don Goldstein has lead an interesting and productive life. From the time he was a child, he has always focused on doing things that would benefit those around him. At 16 years old he got an award from the governor of Pennsylvania for helping to rescue people during the Wilkes Barre flood in 1972. When he got older and entered the business world, he learned that his passion for helping others could be profitable.

When Pennsylvania made radon testing mandatory for real estate transactions, he passed the EPA licensing requirements and became the go-to source for homeowners who needed advice and testing for their homes. When his home town of Philadelphia had a serious upsurge in crime he developed a crime prevention seminar that the mayor of the city made mandatory for every city employee to attend. This led to companies such as Dupont, Prudential, Chrysler and 100s of others giving their employees time off during their work day to attend this seminar too.

Then in 2001 he had a massive heart attack and 3 strokes which left him disabled for a year. Not to be stopped, he turned lemons into lemonade by developing a natural chocolate drink to bring down his blood pressure and cholesterol and clean out his arteries. That product became a million- dollar company that his son now owns. But it didn’t stop there…

In 2004 he got leukemia and was given 2 weeks to live. Well after chemo, a bone marrow transplant, and having pneumonia 12 times he had enough. So he learned about healing and now tens of thousands of people worldwide have watched his free video teachings. They have seen tumors disappear, pains stop instantly, and emotional problems resolved. His teaching regarding this can be seen here

Well now he is a full-time Messianic Jewish Rabbi. He and Jackie his wife of 32 years, now lead a congregation in Florida. So again, his life is about helping others. On the side, he enjoys helping those who are going into business to avoid the myriad of pitfalls they will face. As he says; “Why should others make the same mistakes we made?” He has recently developed a free video series that can benefit anyone who is considering starting a business. These videos can be seen above.