Increase Your Income – Part 1

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This video series is about proven and time tested principles that will bring you financial success quickly. Some of you only need to make a few hundred dollars a week and have no money to invest, while others want to build a business.

Though I have started and built multi-million dollar businesses, I have also worked for others. I will show you how to keep your job, yet make lots of extra money without investing anything, or needing to join anything, and with only the skills you already possess.

In each part of these teachings I will include at least one real life example of how people have developed their own business or got raises from the company they work for. If you will indulge me for a moment I would like to briefly give you some of my personal history as an object lesson…

When I was young I often wanted things that cost more than my $1.00 a week allowance. My folks told me I could have anything I wanted, but I would have to work for it. Well since I couldn’t go out to play until my chores were done, I learned to work hard and work fast early in my life.

Most of my income came from shoveling snow for my neighbors. At first I would go out and knock on my neighbor’s doors, to see if they wanted me to shovel their walk. And if they did, I did it right then and there. Then I would go to the next house and the next and repeat this pattern. I made $20.00 – $25.00 a day, which was a LOT of money back then for a 10 year old kid. But the problem was that I would run out of houses to shovel early in the day since other kids would get to them first. So here was an early opportunity for me to think and to work smarter. I figured out to go knock on doors the night before and reserved the jobs. So when the other kids came, they were told that they already had someone to do it. I made about $90 – $100 a day after that. By using my head, I was becoming an entrepreneur at a very young age.

Then finally at 15 years of age I could get a paper route. This meant getting up at 4 AM, delivering the papers, collecting the money and learning to do simple but very useful accounting.

The newspaper company taught me to be friendly, and helpful, and how to increase my income by getting people who weren’t buying the paper to buy it. Remember there was no Internet back then, so news came from the newspaper, the 3 channels on the black and white TV and radio. To get new customers I would knock on the doors of those who weren’t buying and explain that they could save way more by using the coupons in the paper, than it cost to buy the paper. This made sense and got me more customers, a higher income and was easy to do without being pushy.

Now being a Jewish teenager it was expected of me to become a doctor or a lawyer. And  graduated #1 in my high school class only amplified this. But I couldn’t wait for my 12-year sentence to be up and I refused to go to college. Instead I got a job at the navy yard as an apprentice boat builder. I enjoyed working with my hands and loved my job. But I was always hearing my bosses complain about having to work two jobs. So one day I asked my boss how much he made after 25 years there. I was shocked! I wanted more! So I got into real estate and made more money part time that I was making full time. So at 21, I quit and made more money my 1st year than my dad ever made. But in real estate there are good years and bad years and I was soon trapped in a work, work, work rut and it was hurting my family.

So I changed gears again and learned how to build a successful business, but not before losing our car and house. If you will allow me to help you learn how to build a nice income for you and your family, you can avoid a lot of the typical novice screw-ups. So, if you are ready, let’s begin!

One of the basics that make a huge difference in your income is how well you save on expenses. Let me give you an analogy. Let’s say that a single store carries your brand of everything you buy, at the lowest prices anywhere, and they are close to where you live. In addition, they give you 2%-5% cash back to buy other stuff anywhere you want. Would you shop there? Of course you would!

What I just described is the same as using credit cards for all of your purchases as long as you pay them off each month. Let me repeat that… As long as you pay them off each month. A young college student learned this from me and began using her credit card for all her purchases. She soon got an $1,100 ticket to Hawaii to see her boyfriend, for free! Now if she was in business she could have used that $1,100 to pay bills, or buy equipment, again for free! By reducing your costs this way, you’re also able to pay off debts so you get rid of monthly payments, which then frees up even more money to expand. Using credit cards for all of our bills at home and at work has allowed Jackie and I to go on a dozen cruises and to bring our grandchildren down to Florida all for free! Quality of life is a critical benefit of making more money, and gaining it at no cost to you at all is really excellent!

Ok, now here’s a million dollar question. What is the number one concern of Americans right now? Yes terrorism is up there but the #1 issue is the economy. And you can not only do something about it, but by doing so you can make money.

One of the most profitable ways of making money today is selling information. Once you know something that others can benefit from, you can sell that information to them on the Internet. Your “product” costs you nothing, and is 100% profit.

Here’s an example:

A few days ago a young man came to our house to do some power washing for us. He knows his business and its’ ins and outs, but wants to work fewer hours. So I told him to write about what it takes to get started, the tricks of the trade, how to find business, etc. and sell it on the Internet. A light bulb went off in his head. He “got it” right away and acknowledged that he himself had bought  this type of information before. Do you have some talent or work experience that others would pay to learn about so they can make money too? Think about it.

Here’s another example:

I know a 19 year old, who understands that many people don’t know how to do things on the Internet. So he advertises on Facebook and when someone contacts him, he finds out what they need and connects them to an expert in that area of information. The company that does the work for that person pays him for the referral. And all he does is find quality companies to help people with their needs and connects them together for a commission.  He makes hundreds of $$ doing this from his cell phone and computer.

Do you understand why I said in the beginning that making hundreds of dollars a week is really easy if you are willing to think and work? My family and I are living examples of people who can build an honest, honorable, and profitable business from scratch with no money to begin with.

Now what if I told you that I can introduce you to a billionaire I know who can make sure you prosper if you will follow his advice? And His advice is free! Would you to listen to him? But you need to know that your wealth is dependent on your willingness to put aside your pride and ask this billionaire for help and guidance. He won’t give you money, but He will show you how to earn it honestly, reap great rewards and help others along the way too…

He wrote a best selling book. My goal is to give you the Cliff Notes or Readers Digest version of His book and his methods so it is easy for you to understand and prosper. His book is filled with people’s real life stories that have both failed and succeeded. In it, you can learn from the worst and fail too, or learn from the best and take a shortcut to success.

I learned in it that prosperity’s enemies are fear, laziness, procrastination and having a poverty mentality. I also learned to apply honorable proven wealth-building financial principles that not only benefited me but those I came in contact with.

Zig Ziglar was a very successful sales trainer whose values and methods I admired. To close part 1, here are two basic principles I learned from him… Find a need and fill it, and you can create a new business or product. And if you work for someone, the more you go above and beyond to make the owner’s business more successful, the more he will value you. And the more he values you, the more he will be willing to pay you and promote you.

Let’s move onto Part 2.

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