Healing Series – Part 1

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For those who don’t know me, since I was 46, I’ve survived 2 heart attacks, 3 strokes, AML leukemia, chemo, a bone marrow transplant in 2006, and pneumonia 12 times. I’m now 61 and doing great!

For years after the bone marrow treatment I went back and forth to Moffit Cancer Center several times a week. My wife Jackie wondered if her husband would ever be back. She was told six times that I wasn’t going to make it. She watched me deteriorate from a vibrant, and active partner in her life, to seeing me looking out the window and drooling on myself for hours. And when I did talk I often repeated the same question over and over and my hands shook like I had Parkinson’s. The hardest part for me was not being able to connect the dots in my mind. I knew what I wanted to say but often couldn’t get a coherent sentence out of my mouth.  For years I was on dozens of drugs, but today I am drug free and living a full life.

But before we start, let me make it clear that I am not a doctor and have no medical training. I am NOT saying, nor am I implying that you should stop taking any drugs that you are on, nor am I saying or implying that you stop any medical treatments. Should you decide to do that, you are solely responsible for your own decision and any consequences of your decision. What I can say is this… After trying prayer, drugs, and all kinds of natural foods, herbs and other remedies, this worked and worked fast for me, and tens of thousands of others! My hope is that after you learn and experience this information working in your own body, you will pass it on to others.

Let me begin by speaking first to those of you who are religious, and then to those of you who are not… The Bible clearly and repeatedly says we are already healed. So if the Bible is true then why are so many religious people still sick? Today you will learn why praying and asking God to heal you usually doesn’t work… then you will learn what to do to get healed.

Now regardless of your beliefs, let me show you how you can change your physical body in 30 seconds. There is no trick to this and you are not about to be hypnotized. After we do this little exercise, I will show you how modern science has proven what you are about to see happen to you.

How strong is your mind?

Everybody stand up and put your hands out in front of you. If you are watching online, you MUST do this. So get off the bed, or out of your easy chair and do this with me now. Come on… get UP!

Ok, clasp your hands together and raise your arms so they are pointing straight out in front of you.

Look down your arms and through your hands sort of like a gun sight.

Now, keeping your feet firmly on the ground, and your arms straight, twist your upper body around in either direction and see how far you can twist. Push as hard as you can, but remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Twist as far as you can, as the goal is to see how far you can twist. Remember the exact spot on the wall where you hands pointed. Then turn back around and lower your arms, but don’t move from your spot.

Now close your eyes and see in your mind what you just did. Only this time when you see yourself turning, see yourself turning MUCH further. Your hands move WAY PAST the spot you got to. Keep your eyes closed for 30 seconds and vividly keep seeing this over and over. Make sure you’re seeing yourself easily passing the previous spot. 30 seconds begin now. Close your eyes and do it.

Now open your eyes and repeat the exercise.

If you did this correctly, you just proved to yourself that what you saw in your mind became reality in your physical body. You actually changed what your body can do just by changing what your mind believes, and your body obeyed your mind!
 The point… if you can’t see yourself healed and well, you won’t be. So let’s see what modern science has learned about this and how it applies to you.

Proof your mind produces positive and negative affects is seen in scientifically controlled studies. In one randomized clinical drug trial, 270 patients hoping to alleviate severe carpal tunnel, tendinitis, chronic pain in the elbow, shoulder, and wrist saw the following results. But first, you need to know that all 270 were warned of the specific and potential serious side effects. Half the subjects received pain pills; the rest received acupuncture.

Two weeks in, about 90 of the people complained of awful side effects. They began to call in, saying they couldn’t get out of bed. The pills were making them sluggish, the needles caused swelling and redness, and some patients’ pain got worse. The negative side effects matched exactly what the patients had been warned about.

But about 180 of the others reported dramatic relief, and those who received acupuncture felt even better than those on the anti-pain pill.

These were exceptional findings as the pills that were given patients were actually placebos made of cornstarch and the “acupuncture” needles were retractable fakes that never pierced the skin.

In other studies done with placebos and Alzheimer patients, the placebos did not work at all, positively or negatively. Why? Because their minds could not process that they would receive either benefits or negative side effects.

Here’s more news from science… Neuroscientific research has now confirmed that when you decide to change a negative thought into a positive thought, your brain actually changes and sends out positive neurochemicals. These chemicals cause real physiological and psychological changes in your body. It’s all about how your mind interprets a life event. For example, when you decide to change your mind’s interpretation of illness from fear and danger to hopeful and optimistic, your mind releases chemicals that activate your body’s immune system. But if your mind believes fearful and dangerous thoughts, your brain perceives these as a threat. And if your brain thinks you are about to be eaten by a lion, it’s busy saying “Run Forrest Run.” I mean what point is there in sending in immune cells to kill cancer, or heal you if you’re about to be eaten?

Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel proved your beliefs make positive or negative changes in your cells by switching groups of genes on or off. So saying “it’s in my genes” may be true, but you are totally in control of changing your genes. Yes your thoughts literally change the structure of matter! Believe it! If you want to do further research on this science, it is called Epigenetics.

So let’s learn more in Part 2.

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